Y-Tree? Y Not.

I am a proponent of the motto, "always leave room for dessert." Always.

After eating a whole burger (see post below) from Brother's Burger, my friends and I went to Y-Tree Milk Tea to end our night on a sweet note.

Y-Tree is one of the newest milk tea places and their first store is also located at The Hub, Greenfield District.

I just loved the vibe of the place. It was very welcoming.
The staff are friendly, the colors of the walls, furnitures and decors are relaxing, laid-back.
I guess it is a nice place to chill when you're in the area.

I wasn't craving for rock salt and cheese so I ordered their Hakka Milk Tea and Mango Crepe. Nothing earth shattering, nothing fancy, it was ok. It wasn't too sweet but I'd probably like it better if the tea has a stronger taste. I guess, it was washed down by the ice.
The red velvet would've been perfect if it was moist.

I will definitely going to go back to give the other milk tea flavors a try. On my list is the honeydew milk tea. Oh, they have tons of sinkers to choose from like rock salt, pearl jelly, grass jelly, hantien jelly, boba lychee and lychee coco. Blogging about this makes me thirsty already.

Here are some photos from my visit:


hakka milk tea

red velvet

mango crepe

y-tree's choco rock salt and cheese

may i take your order, please?

 soon to open
the hub, greenfield


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